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Summer course on building performance simulation

The event will be organised in a blended mobility format, with physical activities taking place at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava as part of a one-week specialised course from July 1 through July 5, 2024, preceded by a virtual part of approximately 2 months.

The on-campus course, the summer camp, itself will include a series of lectures with practical demonstrations in the field of building energy simulations and daylighting simulations. Particular attention will be given to the optimization of lightweight envelope / curtain wall facades and glazing. During the course, students will create simulation models to assess daylighting, summer overheating and/or year-round energy demand. Energy Plus, Design Builder, Physibel and possibly other software will be used.

The virtual part of the activities will take the form of self-study and "tailor-made" consultations in the run-up to the summer camp, at the end of which the physical course will take place. The virtual part will consist of studying recommended online materials and preparing the students' own building simulation model using non-commercial software such as Energy Plus or commercial Physibel or even the software of his/her choice. During the summer camp, participants will complete and present the model.

Based on the energy simulation, the student can estimate the real energy balance of the building based on the heating and cooling demand while maintaining the desired thermal comfort of the interior spaces. With the help of alternative solutions he/she will be able to optimize the original design solution in order to reduce the energy load and CO2 emissions while ensuring a sufficient quality of the indoor environment. The simulation results will also be used in the optimization of real building designs and in research.

Students coming under the Erasmus+ BIP mobility can earn 4 credits for completing the whole programme (virtual part + summer camp), with a ratio of virtual to face-to-face part of 1.5 to 2.5. The summer camp is also open to applicants without any Erasmus+ support, i.e. also for free movers. In such case, however, a moderate fee will be required.

If you are interested in attending the event, please fill in the pre-registration form by scanning the QR code below or by clicking on this link.

More information will be published soon.

Contact person:
Roman Rabenseifer
Department of Building Construction
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
T: +421 2 32888 439
E: roman.rabenseifer(et)
A: Radlinského 11, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia


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